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TSO: Buy your place in the play-test
Want to join the TSO play test, but haven't been invited yet? You can now buy your place by pre-ordering the game. It mainly goes for North America again, there isn't a list of participating retailers in Europe or elsewhere. Also, there's a little notice saying this:
"Excludes shipping and handling. Outside of North America, prospective pre-purchasers will need to verify participation in this program with their local retailers or verify that participating online retailers can ship to their desired destinations. Again, pre-ordering gets you into the Play Test, and every Play Tester is automatically in The Sims Online Founders program."
That isn't the only update at the official site though: there's the whole October update. 5 new articles, a MOMI update (about the play test) and a new webmaster pack (2.43 Mb) together make this update. The 5 articles are more or less the usual stuff. One is about "Bringing virtual building to a whole new level", a diary entry of a play-tester, how you can customise your lot's sounds, an article called "Playing with the Property Page", and finally something about TSO objects. That's all for the October Update, and you can find it all at the TSO official site.

Written at 20:56 on Thursday, 10 October 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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