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Which of the other SBs is your favourite?
Here are the results of the last poll.

  • 41.27% (26) of voters only follow Sim Brother II here
  • 33.33% (21) of voters don't follow any "Sim Brother" at all. Fair enough.
  • 11.11% (7) of voters had Big Brother (Ultrasims) as their favourite
  • 11.11% (7) of voters had Little Brother as their favourite
    And finally ...
  • 3.17% (2) of voters had Sim Big Brother 3 as their favourite

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  • Written at 02:51 on Saturday, 28 September 2002 by Andy.

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    Written at 18:18 on Saturday, 28 September 2002 by Towers
    oh well... I can deal with 7 votes :(
    The Big Brother Parody still going from 2000!

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