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SimDay - MySims Launched!
This weeks SimDay is here, finally. Wonder what caused the delays? Anyway, the first item on the agenda is the new MySims feature on the site itself. If you've been there and logged in in the last twenty-four hours or so, you may have seen a little logo for it. Wondered what it's about? Well wonder no more. Here's a brief summary from the help pages:
'Your SimPage is a place to keep track of things you've uploaded to the Sims Exchange, as well as all of the cool things you've seen that other people have uploaded. Express yourself! Show people that you've noticed their cool creations! Trying to find a Sim you uploaded weeks ago? Go to your SimPage and you can find your Sim as easy as 1-2-3.'
Also interesting about this whole feature is that it appears to be another way in which they're trying to sell you the Deluxe edition. For instance, Deluxe SimsPages won't have banner ads like the non-deluxe ones. Deluxe owners get to do more customising. Deluxe pages are the only ones that can be added to SimsLists. Any views on this whole issue? Make sure you leave a comment here then. For more on MySims, go to the official site, or more specifically the help pages for it. But that's not all this week.. keep reading!

Written at 16:11 on Friday, 27 September 2002 by Matthew.

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