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SimDay - Unleashed Lot Exchange Launched!
The other main thing added today (or should that be late yesterday?) to the official site was the lot exchange feature for the Unleashed expansion pack. Again, not much use for us Europeans right now, but at least we can take heart in currently being in the lead in the Ryder Cup, eh? :) Besides, not too much longer to go till we get it. Here's the blurb on it from the website:
'The new Unleashed lot exchange Is open for business! Want to add a cafe or grocery store to your neighborhood? Search the Unleashed Neighborhood Exchange for the latest in user-created neighborhood lots.'
If you wish to take a look around, then use this link to go right over there. Oh, and the fourth and final thing added as part of SimDay was a transcript from a recent SimCity 4 chat. Not entire relevant, but for the sake of completeness click here to read it. Well, that's certainly one of the most packed SimDays I can remember. Keep it up Maxis!

Written at 15:57 on Friday, 27 September 2002 by Matthew.

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