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The Sims (PS2) Delayed To 2003
In a little announcement over at the official Sims site, it has been stated that both the Playstation 2 version of the Sims and SimCity 4 have been delayed from their expected November launches to early 2002. Sigh. I was looking forward to the PS2 version as well. Still, here's the official line on the movement of the dates:
'Maxis is moving the launch of SimCity 4 and The Sims for the PS2 to January 2003. We know you're looking forward to both games and that this might be a disappointment. You should know that both titles are looking great and are a blast to play. Moving them to the beginning of next year will give us the opportunity to do a little extra fine-tuning and polishing of the games. We'll also be revamping SimCity.com and posting the most up to date information regarding both games on our websites.'
More at the official site, which is here.

Written at 01:21 on Thursday, 26 September 2002 by Matthew.

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