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The Sims Unleashed - Nearly Unleashed!
Those of you in the US are 'lucky' enough to now be able to trot down to your nearest GameStop, EB or whatever and pick up a copy of the latest Sims expansion pack. However, us Europeans aren't much worse off.. we've only got around nine more days to wait! The Sims: Unleashed is currently scheduled to be coming out on Friday 4th October, so it won't be long before you can play with your pets. Incidentally, for our UK readers, I'd recommend you take a look at Play.com where it's available for just 14.99.

As you'd expect, as it's out in the US, reviews have started appearing. One of the first of these is over at IGN.com, where it earns a fairly repectable score of seven out of ten. Only fairly respectable, though. The review doesn't paint that good a picture of the pack, really.. here's a quote:

'..by now, the only people still playing The Sims (besides those people who just bought a computer and with it their first game) are serious, hardcore Sims players who are going to buy every expansion pack regardless. And we've already downloaded hundreds if not thousands of new skins and objects, so that part of the expansion isn't very impressive. So once the novelty of cleaning up after cats and dogs wears off, we're left with a $30 utility that adds twenty new lots to each neighborhood.'
The full review is well worth a read, and can be found here.

Written at 01:16 on Thursday, 26 September 2002 by Matthew.

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