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SimDay - They're improving! A bit!
Time once again for SimDay, that event when the official Sims website gives fans of The Sims a load of information they probably already know. Yep, I'm being cynical again. Anyways, this week they've got two little links for us. While WorldSims may have published the chat transcripts yesterday, the official site has them today. Whoo-hoo. Here's another quote from the chat:
'What kind of pet stuff can you get?'
'Most of the new objects in this pack are for pets so you will have plenty of shopping to do. Some of my favorite pet objects are the wooden cat climbing house and the fancy bed. There are baths, toys, scratching posts, litter boxes... everything you need to keep your pets happy.'
To read the transcript (again) click here. The other link is for another preview of The Sims Unleashed from Gamespot. It's even fairly new! They added it to Gamespot yesterday, apparently. If you wish to read it then just click here. More SimDay next week!

Written at 13:56 on Thursday, 19 September 2002 by Matthew.

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