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SimDay Report: Better but still far from best
This SimDay two actually new things. Woohoo! The first one is something we've seen enough of over the past few weeks: a link to a preview. This time it's one of Unleashed at GameGal:
"No Sims expansion would be complete without new furniture (in this case a New Orleans French Quarter theme) and new careers (veterinarian, chef, circus professional). Families can also embark on a Zone-diet lifestyle by growing a vegetable garden with seeds purchased from a Sims-owned-and-operated garden store. Youll be able to live on the results or sell the produce for a few extra bucks. Your pets can get into the garden lifestyle as well, by helping chase away pesky gophers and rabbits."
To read the whole thing, which doesn't give too much new information and seems to be another press release coming directly from EA, simply visit this page. The other half of the SimDay is that there'll be a chat event about Unleashed next Tuesday at 3PM PST, with producer Jonathan Knight and designer Jenna Chalmers. To visit the chat, go this page. You have to be product registered at the official site to be able to visit the chat. That's all for this SimDay that's slightly better than what we've had the past few weeks...

Written at 20:31 on Thursday, 12 September 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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