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Poll Result: Deluxe is a rip-off
As part of our actions to give loyal The Sims fans the goodies that come with Deluxe for free, there's been a poll last week about it. And apparantly, most of you agree that The Sims Deluxe is a rip off. Exactly 61.11% - which is 77 of 126, voted for "Yes, The Sims Deluxe is a rip off". That's quite a lot against just 4 votes from people who said they'd get it without rebate for $40 (3 people, 2.38%) or without the rebate (just 1 person, 0.79%). 15 people, or 11.90 % said they don't mind getting the extras on a separate CD for a small fee, like $5 or $10. 11.90%, exactly 15 votes - again - have never heard of The Sims Deluxe, where 7.94% (10 votes) said they don't need the extras in the game. 5 people, or 3.97%, said not to have The Sims or Livin' Large yet, so it's not as much of a rip off. That leaves exactly 0 votes for "I'll give away The Sims and LL, and then buy Deluxe". The conclusion that can be drawn from this: The visitors of a Sims fan site like this one generally think The Sims Deluxe is definately not worth the money EA asks for it. To support our actions, please sign our petition.

This week's poll: somebody has to leave the Sim Brother II house again. Who is going, is up to you and you can now decide on the right or this page. As always, all our previous polls can be rechecked - but not voted for - in the poll archive.

Written at 02:00 on Thursday, 12 September 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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