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The Neighborhood Handler 4.0 - Coming soon!
It's been a while since version 3.8 of The Neighborhood Handler was released. It's also been a while since the last news bit about it. However, the project isn't dead. Actually, I'm currently working on a new major release: version 4.0. Besides compatibility with Unleashed, there will also be several other changes, some quite major and some just minor. A few of the major differences between 3.x and 4.0:
  • The graphics mode will no longer exist (because of the following change)
  • You can have 99 back-ups and 99 regular neighborhoods, making the total of 198 neighborhoods... More than you'll ever need
  • Back-up and Neighborhood Details are stored in a better way, and so less error will occur. This makes back-ups made with v4.0 incompatible with v3.8, but you can convert old back-ups to the new version with just a few clicks. And yes, you will indeed be able to give regular neighborhoods names and/or comments
  • The ability to zip back-ups. This makes back-ups a bit smaller saving some diskspace. Also, that adds the ability to password-protect back-ups. Note that this doesn't work for regular neighborhoods.
  • A lot of rewritten and revised code, resulting in the fixes of a few bugs. For instance, the bug that causes the dialog with the actions happening (e.g. while making a back-up) to stay up when TNHH is deactivated during the progress, will be fixed in version 4.

    One thing will stay the same though, and that's that it will be free as always. As most of the new version is already done, I expect to be able to release the new version early November, or even sooner. It's done whenever it's done, but it won't be released until after the European release of The Sims Unleashed. Keep checking this space for the latest news, and maybe even some screenshots.

  • Written at 14:00 on Friday, 13 September 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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