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ECTS 2002: TSO & PS2 screenshots
The ECTS have been taking place again in the UK. The ECTS are more or less the European E3: an event of a couple of days, where new games of quite a lot of publishers and developers are being showcased. Most likely from there, PC.IGN.com has posted some new screenshots of The Sims Online. 12 in total to be precise. Titles as "My most liked list", "Sim Crater", "Liar -> Pimp -> Mounty" and "Ear smoker" sound interesting. Those are the names of the screenshots, which also look quite interesting. Want to have a look at them? Then simply go to the TSO Media Page at IGN. A small note from the editor though: "Some of these screens are new and some are most definitely old, but I am far too lazy to check them all.".

Also from the ECTS 2002 come screenshots of The Sims on Playstation 2. Those can be found at PS2.IGN.Com. There are another 12 shots. Some of them have been seen before though, like the Neighborhood screen. But the "Top Down" (below), "Entryway" and the "Where'd she go?" screenshots, as well as all the others sure look interesting. Have a peek right here.

Written at 03:38 on Sunday, 1 September 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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