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The Sims Deluxe - Rip Off?
Last night EA made a press release regarding The Sims Deluxe Edition. Fairly standard thing for the most part, detailing that it'll be out in September in the US, at a price of $39.99. However, that's not the worrying bit. No, that comes in the form of this paragraph here:
'The Sims Deluxe Edition will be available for a suggested retail price of $39.99. Current owners of The Sims can receive a $10 mail in rebate with proof of purchase. Details of the rebate and a rebate coupon will be available on boxes of The Sims Deluxe Edition.'
So for all of us who were wondering how we'd be able to get access to the minimal benefits that come with the Deluxe Edition, now we know. We get to save $10. The news just gets worse and worse for us Sims fans, doesn't it? Still, I suppose I should point out these details are currently for America only, and the plans for Europe could be different. If you want to know more about the press release, read on..

The rest of the release doesn't tell us that much we don't already know, but for those who need clarification of what it'll contain, here ya go:
'The Sims Deluxe Edition combines the full version The Sims with the first in the series of Sims expansion packs, The Sims Livin' Large. Livin' Large allows players to put their Sim families into zany situations and settings. Its content adds to The Sims dozens of extreme items like a home chemistry lab, a heart shaped bed and a crystal ball as well as a cast of wild characters like the Grim Reaper, Genie and Tragic Clown.

'Also included exclusively in the The Sims Deluxe Edition is The Sims Creator, an all-new customization tool for creating Sim characters. Players can now recreate any Sim imaginable, right down to the smallest detail. Users can also select new clothes, design original attire, add logos to their clothing and accessorize their Sims with the belts, ties and jewelry. Players can even import their face into the program and put it directly on a Sim character.

'Rounding out this ultimate offering, players can furnish their homes with two completely new designs sets featuring over 25 objects found only in The Sims Deluxe Edition. With over 50 additional new clothing choices completing this pack, The Sims Deluxe Edition is a must-have for both Sims newcomers and Sims fans alike.'

Wow, so 25 objects, 50 outfits, and a Sims Creator. All for the bargain price of $30, or about 20 / 30 euros. Can you detect my sarcasm? Hope so. You'd seem to be better off just downloading stuff from us!
Written at 14:01 on Friday, 16 August 2002 by Matthew.

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Written at 15:53 on Friday, 16 August 2002 by Andy (TSZ) (Andy)
I completely agree with you, Matthew. :S

Also, there is nothing to say whether this rebate will apply to people outside the USA.

If this rebate doesn't apply to us over here, we will be paying £30 (or €40) for something that we already have, plus some design sets as yet unpreviewed and a utility that may or may not be as good as anything else on the net or the sporadically reliable "Face Factory" from X-Media.

It's another way to milk the fans for every cent or penny they can get until TS2 or TSO comes out.
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Written at 18:04 on Friday, 16 August 2002 by Jendea (TSZ) (Jendea)
Yeah, this one get's to me too. Is this somehow connected to Sims Days loosing their umph...didn't they used to offer extra utilities for free?
What a way to reward the fans who actually purchased their previous products. Give me a $10 rebate per expansion pack too please!

Written at 23:36 on Friday, 16 August 2002 by Cool_J
It is redictulous! I would rather download it (which we could) than buying it for an out-of-this-world price. I mean thirty pounds?! You could buy the sims game for that!
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Written at 00:00 on Saturday, 17 August 2002 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
Edited at 00:30 on Saturday, 17 August 2002 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
40 euros/dollars with a $10 (€10) rebate... In other words, we should pay another €30 for something we already have, with just a few extra. While we already paid like €45+€30 for The Sims + Livin' Large???!!!! So, to add it all up, they want us to pay €105 to get something twice, and once with 76 extras in total?!! A true rip off, like SimCity 3000 World Edition (Unlimited) was after SimCity 3000. You had to pay the full price again, and could get a tiny little bit of it back afterwards.

Maxis, EA, this is rediculous. Seriously.

I got a silly plan that might just work. Everybody who reads this and who already owns The Sims and Livin' Large (or Livin' It Up... the first expansion anyway), should call EA Support Monday. The number is on their website (ea.com) or in the installation guide of one of their games. For your convenience, I've put down a few below. Call them, saying that you are not planning to buy the Deluxe version, while you already have the other two games, and that the money - even with the small rebate - is definately not worth the extra. There are only 76 extras in total. The number may seem much, but most of them are probably clones/variants of existing items. We do not get a decent preview of what the extras exactly are, and so we do not know exactly what we buy for the money we spen. If only enough people will do that, then we might actually wake them up.

If there's an online petition running somewhere, please let me know so we can put it up big on the frontpage. I think we should try as hard as we can to make Maxis provide the extras for free to those with The Sims and Livin' Large already.

Another crazy idea: You are allowed to return a game to the shop within 24 hours after purchase (usually just unopened though!). As soon as it's out, buy the game somewhere. An little while later (but within 24 hours!), go back to the store and return the game. The reason: it's probably crap and I have second thoughts. If it's unopened, they usually won't make too much of a fuss. To be sure, ask before buying the game, that you can return in and under what conditions. Note that I or The Sims Zone can NOT in any way be held responsible for losing any money because the shop doesn't accept a returned game.

For those with money (or good contacts), maybe they can somehow publish a critical article about this in a games magazine (preferrably a big one), or just make a big advertisement about it.

It are just some random thoughts of me. If anyone has more things they'd like to mention, please put them here.

Finally the EA Support phone numbers:
UK: 09067 532253
US: 1-650-628-4311
Netherlands: 020 658 99 88

That's all folks!

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Written at 01:12 on Saturday, 17 August 2002 by Jendea (TSZ) (Jendea)
Hmmm...I think I will excercise my right not to purchase the product. :) I'm bummed though, about not being able to have the Creator utility, but I don't really want to pay $40 or even $30 for it and I can download 75+ files in a single evening. LOL
I did find a single thread on The Deluxe Version on the official site's BBS.
That might be a better place to be airing our grievances?
It's hidden away under the main heading "Suggest a Topic".

Written at 01:22 on Saturday, 17 August 2002 by Bettyjoe (Bettyjoe)
WOW... I think to all of us out there who already have the first two sims, we should be allowed to purchasae a cd containing ONLY the 75 odd new items and the character utility program..... afterall... we have poured our HARD-EARNED bucks out already..... I say we DEFINITELY voice our grievances to Maxis in SOME form..... Bettyjoe :)

Written at 03:39 on Saturday, 17 August 2002 by Andy (TSZ) (Andy)
I've posted my grievances on this matter in the thread Jen mentioned at the official BBS.

Yes, it's hidden away under "Suggest a topic" and I've delivered a long tirade under my Maxis Id of "Cyberdwarf".
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Written at 01:59 on Sunday, 18 August 2002 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
Edited at 02:01 on Sunday, 18 August 2002 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
Two bits from the press release:

Rounding out this ultimate offering, players can furnish their homes with two completely new designs sets featuring over 25 objects found only in The Sims Deluxe Edition. With over 50 additional new clothing choices completing this pack, The Sims Deluxe Edition is a must-have for both Sims newcomers and Sims fans alike.
Sure, we can download 50 skins and 25 objects in a few hours. Btw, turns out there are 50 skins, not even additional walls/floors or anything like that.

(1) Offer expires December 31, 2002. Offer available only in the U.S. and Canada to The Sims Deluxe purchasers who can also provide original proof of purchase for The Sims. Completed Coupon Certificates must be postmarked by January 15, 2003
That's the Rebate offer. WHAT?! Europeans won't get back ANY money?! So we'll have to pay €40 just to get Create-A-Sim and those '75' other extras?

25 and 50 are marketing numbers. 25 objects are probably a few sets of couches and chairs, maybe one original object. The rest: recolourings of objects we already know, nothing really interesting. 50 Skins (or clothing choices): one skin in 3 skin tones count as 3 skins. Easy counting, nice to get some good numbers that look good like that, but they'll disappoint you in the end. The same's always happened before with expansion packs, and Unleashed probably won't have its 125+ completely new objects...

Maxis/EA, this is really bad. Do you care at all about the people who pay for your products?!

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Written at 04:13 on Sunday, 18 August 2002 by ajonesforu

Thank you goes out to all who posted something are read my thread in the official site's BBS. I could not believe what I was reading when I found out about this deluxe edition. I was bored and looking around for new sims stuff and I found that webpage. I was so angry that I had to post something about it. I'm not buying anything else from them if they don't do something about this. And then there is the unleashed which is another $30 bucks I have all the expansion but this has truly made me not want to play (and I haven't played in about two weeks already) Things are out of hand. I truly feel for the UK who has to deal with more bull crap from Maxis then we Americans.

"Give me a $10 rebate per expansion pack too please!" (jen)

Lol that's a nice idea.

Yes it seems my thread is hidden my first post i couldn't even find until i typed my name in the search box so i posted another under "suggest a topic" If anyone cannot find the thread go under search and type in the name "ajonesforu"

To ChEeTaH

thank you so much for your posting. I was so happy to see a webmaster who knows so much more about them then I do, tell them how it is.


Written at 23:29 on Sunday, 18 August 2002 by Renee (Mysticfire)
To me that's not worth it. I won't buy the Sims Deluxe because I can go on the net and find EXACLTY what I want for free. I have forked out too much money and invested too much time to be ripped off by Maxis. I will, however purchase Unleashed, because it's what I have been waiting for since the first Sims.
When are they going to listen to us consumers again? I think they are just sitting back and watching their bank accounts grow and grow. If they would only get back on track, give us what we want, listen to the populas, and stop being so lazy, they would find that their bank accounts would grow even more! After all, it IS about money. They are just going about it the wrong way. Wake up Maxis and get your head out of the sand!!

It's a really sad, sad day in Maxis-land...


Written at 16:14 on Monday, 19 August 2002 by The Sims :Big Bro (sims_decor)
MAXIS, your just like your Sim Days What? $40/£30!

That's a Rip-Off MAXIS, yes it's a great deal for people who don't have The Sims, but what about us who already have it and don't want to have to pay $40/£30 for 75 objects (Yeah right, where are the 125+ Objects on the Sims Vacation).

YES THE Body Utility Might Be good, but you could put it up for download. I love The Sims But this is riddiculus. make it $25 + rebate On all of the other expansions and U have yourself a deal.
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