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The Neighborhood Handler 3.8 ready
The Neighborhoood Handler 3.8 - another new version - is now ready and has been released. Not to everybody though: only for Group members. You can still register there and get the latest version now. Otherwise, you'll have to wait another week before you can download it here or anywhere else. This new version has several upgrades when it comes to previewing, but also a few bugfixes...

This is the full list of updates and fixes in this new version (from the readme file):
  • Restore didn't completely delete the neighborhood you restore to anymore, but only the necessary subdirectories and files. This to prevent that it deletes the configuration, web pages templates, etc.
  • "Repair a neighborhood" could now only be performed on neighborhoods and back-ups that exist. Before you could also repair non-existing back-ups, which caused errors.
  • Install a Lot/Family now copied additional .pub files for families. .srf files for exported downtown and vacation areas are also installed.
  • Saving a preview as bitmap now made the background white instead of pink.
  • Install a Lot/Family option could now also install exported downtown and vacation areas.
  • "Copy a House", "Copy Downtown Lot" and "Copy Vacation Lot" options had moved to one single "Copy a lot" option.
  • The "Copy a Downtown Area" and the "Copy a Vacation Area" were deleted from the manual.
  • The "Copy a Family" and "Install a Lot/Family" could now also preview the house and family members of families.
  • When installing a lot, by default all items were selected.
  • "Select All" and "Select None" buttons had been added in the "Install a Lot/family" option.
  • In the "Install a Lot/Family" option, you could not install 2 files with the same filename at once anymore.
  • Preview of houses and lots had moved around so it's all on one screen (in the "Copy a lot" and "Install a lot/family" options).
  • Several improvements and fixes in the start-up and saving options code had been made.

    If you want to get the latest version, register now at the TNHH group. For more information about The Neighborhood Handler, visit its site.
  • Written at 14:41 on Sunday, 16 June 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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