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SimDay Report: Community Update
A nice SimDay this week, at least for us. There has been a community update, and we've noticed that. We're now featured at the official site. Thank you Maxis for that. Besides that, there are also some regular things going on: commercial skins and another article.

The Washington Post has published an article on their website about The Sims. It covers several things, including some history of SimCity until The Sims:
"You would think SimCity's runaway success would have bought him some creative leeway -- and it did, up to a point. But though he has been working on The Sims off and on since 1993, Wright's new brainchild got the eye-roll treatment for years. "The Sims was not heralded during the development as the messiah, oh-my-god-this-is-the-second-coming," says Maxis senior producer Tim LeTourneau. "It was like, shoot this thing dead, it's never going to get done, who's going to want to play this? Who wants to tell people to go to the bathroom?""
It's a long read, but a nice one. To have a look at the full article, go here.

Furthermore, you can now get the skins from the TV commercial of SV. Have Andrea, Todd, Holly and Tom in your game, and let them go on a nice vacation. These skins will also work with older versions of the game, of course. You can download them right here, for only 377 Kb.
Written at 20:13 on Thursday, 18 April 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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