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The Sims 3 Create a Sim - Is this purchase really necessary?

When I saw this advertised, I was naturally curious. In being a completist when it comes to all things sim, I decided to go ahead and buy it in the event that it gave me something that I did not already have. To put it in that proverbial nutshell, it did not.

The title says it all. It is merely the Create a Sim feature from The Sims 3. It does not add anything new and serves as a taster for those for those who do not already have The Sims 3. For those who do have The Sims 3 and just want to work on creating sims, it does not even provide the facility to transfer them into the game itself and only allows uploading to the exchange.

I do not like being negative with my reviews but I have to be honest. I am very disappointed and I recommend people do not waste their money on this.

Written at 06:14 on Sunday, 28 March 2010 by Andy.

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Written at 11:44 on Sunday, 28 March 2010 by Carla Francisco (carla_francisco)
Well... mine is on the way from Amazon :(
If I can't transfer sims to the game, I think I'm not even going to open the package - I'm sending it back straight away... Thank you Andy - it really sounds like a waste of money, even for completists like us :)
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Written at 18:35 on Sunday, 28 March 2010 by Tammy (TSZ) (TammyB)
Oh yea, the same thing happened to me when Spore came out. I, like alot of people, bought Spore creator or something like that with the Spore game as well thinking it was needed or something. Found out I got ripped off. This sounds exactly what they did with Spore.

Written at 06:48 on Monday, 29 March 2010 by Andy (TSZ) (Andy)
It disappoints me when I feel that loyal fans are being ripped off in this way. I would rather have blown the money I spent on this getting points to use in the Sim Store.
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Written at 13:15 on Tuesday, 30 March 2010 by Carla Francisco (carla_francisco)
I just got my Create-a-Sims - the package said that "some features require The Sims 3" and I thought I'd give it a try.
Now I think there's something terribly wrong with this software, because I chose a pre-made sim, changed a few things and chose a lifetime wish. Then I chose the option "Send to bin" (as opposed to sending to the Exchange) and I expected to find it there when I opened the sims bin in The Sims 3 - High-End Loft Stuff. It wasn't. It is nowhere to be found, actually.
What I think is that the software is faulty, because if you have an option to send to the bin and another to send to the Exchange, it's obvious (to me, anyway) that you're supposed to be able to play those sims in your game. Furthermore, the package also says "Bring your sims to life in The Sims 3"!
My doubt resides in the fact that I don't know whether EA messed up this software unintentionally or intentionally... Do they expect us to send the sims to the Exchenge and then download them to play them in the game?! That's a very sad way for a big company to try to increase traffic on their site... As for me, I've never uploaded anything to the Exchange and I don't intend to - and this is just another reason for me to never spend a cent on their store: all I do is redeem the points that come with the games I buy. I'm really mad at EA right now - they'd better get their act together! :(
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My Sims Pieces - http://mysimspieces.blogspot.com

Written at 10:23 on Thursday, 1 April 2010 by Rosana (TSZ) (Rosana)
I'm not going to buy this myself. Maybe someday, when it's really cheap, since I'm a collector myself.

As for Spore, I personally don't think it's the same situation here. I mean. Spore Creature Creator came out months before the official Spore game. So that gave fans the opportunity to play around, and later on use those creatures in the game.

This Create-a-Sim nonsense came out after The Sims 3 was already released. They should have released this before the release of The Sims 3. Like they did with BodyShop for The Sims 2. Would have been much better. Now with The Sims 3 CAS, people are feeling ripped off because they assume it's some sort of add-on.

Written at 13:34 on Thursday, 1 April 2010 by Andy (TSZ) (Andy)
Carla, the sims you have created and "saved to bin" only turn up in the saved characters bin within TS3CAS (as I am now calling this) and not within TS3 itself. I tried that myself.

Also, it does look like it that if we want to play these sims in TS3 itself, we have to upload to the exchange and download from there. I anticipate this being the case until someone has come up with hacks or workarounds to move them over.

I had hoped for TS3CAS to have something extra in it in the same way that Bodyshop did for TS2. However, it's nothing but corporate milking of the fans' finances.

We can only hope "Amibitions" restores our faith in the franchise.
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Written at 15:23 on Thursday, 1 April 2010 by Carla Francisco (carla_francisco)
Yes Andy, I had figured as much - upload to the exchange and download to play... I too was expecting some sort of new functionality to be included in TS3CAS (well named, btw! :) - as little as it might be.
This is really disappointing and I just don't see the need for EA to do something like this! Haven't they made enough money yet?!
I'm still looking forward to Ambitions, but this TS3CAS business is a very dark page in EA's history - at least in my book :(
Snapshots and stories from the lives of my sims
My Sims Pieces - http://mysimspieces.blogspot.com

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