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The Sims 3 World Adventures - Is their journey really necessary?

The first expansion for The Sims 3 is here and after some time to look into the way it works and how things change, we give you our précis review!

What is it all about? Where can our sims go? What is there to find when they get there? Will our sims be able to live the lifestyles of the famed adventurers of history and fiction?

In order to get the answers to these questions and many others, click here!

Written at 08:09 on Monday, 14 December 2009 by Andy.

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Written at 10:48 on Wednesday, 16 December 2009 by Carla Francisco (carla_francisco)
Thank you Andy for yet another great piece of writing and insight into the World of Adventures of our beloved Sims.
Have fun playing the game, play it just for fun and don't worry about us, avid consumers of your articles :)
We'll always be here, eagerly waiting for more - but hey, no pressure! ;)
Seriously now, enjoy the holidays and we'll see you soon... or whenever :)
Happy Simming!
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Written at 11:49 on Thursday, 17 December 2009 by Rosana (TSZ) (Rosana)
Will add it to the list of fansite reviews :)

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