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Sims 3 Patch - Long list of Fixes [Update]

A new patch for the Sims 3 is out, this time updating the game to version 1.3. The amount of fixes is big: from deformed toddlers to trying for baby with the Grim Reaper, picking an unborn baby's gender through eating fruits, having Sims you once played deleted by the game or baby Sims for single parents: these issues and many more are now repaired. The patch is available through the game's launcher (EA Download Manager required). Check out the official site's patches page for a complete list of fixes.

[Update 29 July 2009] On the forums there are some complaints about Sims not being able to go anywhere after this update. For more information, read the forum posts about the topic. Thanks to SnootySims for spotting this.

Written at 19:13 on Tuesday, 28 July 2009 by ChEeTaH.

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