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The Sims 3 - Wonderful Reboot or Overhyped Rehash?


Are you still undecided as to whether to buy The Sims 3, the longawaited reboot of the biggest game franchise of all time?

Let us help you make up your mind by giving you what we have found out so far.

Our concise review can be found right here!

Written at 07:48 on Friday, 12 June 2009 by Andy.

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Written at 03:28 on Saturday, 13 June 2009 by Andy (TSZ) (Andy)
Do I have to be the first one to write here and encourage you all to let me know what you think? C'mon, you don't want me to look like a dork and be the only one to say something.
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Written at 11:54 on Saturday, 13 June 2009 by Tammy (TSZ) (TammyB)
Great article Andy. May I add that I agree when I say that Sims 3 is an awesome game and my favorite yet.

This game keeps me looking forward to what will happen next with my simmies.

Until we can bring you some of our creations for Sims 3 on this site, you can find what we have created so far on the Sims 3 exchange under the member names TSZAndy and tamattheblacks!

Written at 14:07 on Sunday, 14 June 2009 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
I agree that TS3 is the best base game yet. Gameplay wise, I think TS2 with all EPs is just a bit too rich to be replaced quickly. Currently, the full package of TS2 is so rich, it has a lot more to offer - more gameplay, more content, etc. There's a lot I still miss in TS3, like businesses, university, apartments, a piano, hottub, those kind of things...

TS3 will get there eventually, but it just needs some expansions to expand the current (very good) base.

What's interesting (in my opinion) in TS3 is the way personalities are defined - much more flexible - and I like the idea of the open neighborhood. That's how TS3 is very refreshing and appealing - and a much better base than TS2 was at the time.

Very good review, Andy :)


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Written at 13:31 on Thursday, 18 June 2009 by Stephy (stephyd)
Bought the Sims3 a week ago having been both a sims1 and sims2 avid fan.
First the good points. The game loads quickly and equally quickly between families or neighbourhoods. The neighbourhood screen now reminds me of sims1 in that we can't actually personalise it, although we can use the pre-set land for our lots.You can make as many copies as you want of the neighbourhood, and there is already another one to download from EA. Characterisation is great, so many traits on offer, and the possibilities of real indivualisation for our Sims. The ability to recolour almost every single item within the game (and recolour for free!!) is remarkable. I recoloured lots of things in sims1, and didn't have the right modding programmes for sims2, so had to download many, so many that it took 15mins for the game to load to main screen! The new game allows everyone the chance to create totally individual homes, items, people - everything. Utterly marvellous! Build mode now has even more options - a creator's dream. Equally there are many new ways of doing things and a whole fresh look to the game. The seamless neighbourhood, and being able to drive, ride, walk, jog anywhere and enjoy the scene is great.
Yes, Sims3 is a potentially great game but... big but ... many intial problems, the main being Story Progression. Story prog is fine if you want your sims to live their lives without you. Random babies are given to random households, even Miss Crumplebottom has had a succession of them. I keep deleting them, but they return. Random people suddenly go to live with your single households . Whole families are suddenly cloned and appear in an unused house, or with your newly made sims. Even worse, when the game decides there are too many sims, random households are deleted - including your precious sims that took you hours to create and you have spent hours gaining them skills/friendships/ job promotions/cash etc etc. In other words, the game is set to play itself with or without your input. You are no longer "God". Now that's ok if you're happy to let your sims go on with their own life. But , part of the enjoyment of the game is your control of it, after all you are not watching a film. Story Progression cannot be turned off due to a glitch in the game. The so called fix given by Sims2 equally does not work on Vista, in fact my computer will not recognise the .exe file. I have tried a couple of hacks, the Purity hack does work, but have to remember to turn the cheat on all the time; i.e. it turns story progression off, sims are not carrying on with their lives too much when I'm not playing them. But, oh but, oh but, random characters and babies are still being created or cloned, even with ageing turned off. This plays havoc ith the game and makes a mockery of it's owner, since I am no longer in charge of 'my' city.

Other gripes - well, not much to do yet, sims go inside many buildings and we are not allowed to see what is going on, even restaurants, although there is an 'eat outside' option. You can out custom music in the game, in the custom music folder, but not in say, the classical section, or pop, techno or whatever. Small gripe, but music does add to the atmosphere. In sims2, my Elfinholme people only played New Age or celtic music disguised as Country. My Spaceport had sci-fi film music - you see the point? Chester Gieke used to sit playing chess in Mr Spock's house and yes , Star Trek incidental music played on the hi fi. Great for atmosphere.It's just a small, personal gripe.The way you access the game is also rather comlicated. Just messy really., particularly if you decide to make a new household. Too many switches to get from one to the other. At the moment that's all I'm doing, as well as deleting unwanted random sims. No point continuing to play my characters when they may be deleted next time I enter the game.
From what I've read, there are lots of fun things for your sim to do, lots of quirky things to happen and Im looking forward to these when I can continue to play it after EA patch the game. After all, I play it for laughs, devise many an eccentric characters and watch the fun. The creation of a storyline ... bound only by your imagination and how it pans out ... well, as you know, our sims make TV soaps look pathetic!

So, big glitches, but potentially a great game. Already looking forward to the first expansion pack ( after the official patch). Will just have to be patient a while. I can always go back to sims2 until the problems are sorted.

Written at 19:25 on Saturday, 20 June 2009 by Carla Francisco (carla_francisco)
Amazing comment, Stephy! You just put to writing exactly what I feel about the Sims 3... and yes, I'm sure it'll turn out to be even better than Sims 2 (is that even possible?! ;) once all the problems are sorted out and the expansion packs start coming our way...
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Written at 18:51 on Friday, 3 July 2009 by Dave Kearney (gocatdave)
I especially love the seamless city. I am having a blast developing a story around 3 martians who have fled to Sunset Valley in my Sims 3 blog, Martian Martian Martian! http://martianmartianmartian.blogspot.com/
Go Cat Dave

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