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Exclusive: Sunset Valley Panorama
After some tinkering with files on a Sims 3 Introduction CD, we managed to get some exclusive files for you. You may have seen these screens before, but not without any items covering it. Together with our affiliate SimsNetwork you can now download the Sunset Valley panorama from the introduction CD in 2 parts, in their original resolutions. Part 1 of the panorama is here at the Sims Zone, for part 2 head over to SimsNetwork. Furthermore there are two other screenshots that may not be entirely new, but haven't been seen separate like this before. Enjoy them, and please link back to us if you mention these on your site or forum!
Sunset Valley Panorama - Part 1
Sunset Valley Panorama - Part 2 At SimsNetwork
The Sims 3 Panorama
Wall of Screenshots

Written at 19:09 on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 by ChEeTaH.

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