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25,000,000 AND COUNTING !!!

Another landmark in the history of The Sims Zone was recently reached when we had our 25 millionth hit and as the Site Manager, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our visitors over the past years for your support as without you, there wouldn't be much point in our being here.

I would also like to thank our staff for their support despite offline activities having taken up a lot of their time over the past year.

ChEeTaH and Rosie are tied up with young family life and their academic studies although ChEeTaH will always stop what he is doing to help if I have a technical "under the hood" problem with the site. Rosie is also juggling her studies with young motherhood, which I am told from various sources can be a fulltime job in itself.

MissWendy is also very busy with her college studies and doing very well. I am indebted to her for her support and encouragement and her series of stuffpack reviews over the past year.

However, I would like to welcome TammyB who is our newest staff member. Tammy is a talented lot designer and has already posted her first upload. "Wilson" is a 2-storey redbrick house and is available both in furnished and unfurnished modes. She will also be adding more lots and wall/floor sets as the weeks go by. For one, I will be watching her file section with great interest.

I will be trying to keep up with new creations and news coverage, which is especially important now considering The Sims 3 will be with us in under 10 weeks!!!. Now that there will be no more official releases for The Sims 2, I will also be penning my thoughts about The Sims 2 and trying to see the future for what has been an excellent series. Before any of you ask, though, due to my offline commitments, I sadly do not yet have the time to commit to another series of Sim Brother but hope to keep you entertained in other ways.

Once again, a heartfelt thanks to all of our fans and supporters who have made up many of those 25 million hits and we promise to do our best to continue to serve you with downloads, news, views, and reviews until we hit our next major landmark of hits.

Dag dag!!

Written at 01:50 on Friday, 12 December 2008 by Andy.

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Written at 12:57 on Friday, 12 December 2008 by Ylva (Maggie94)
congratulations! 25000000 isnĀ“t bad at all! keep going :)

Written at 01:08 on Saturday, 13 December 2008 by Sanjeev Mundluru (sanjeevmundluru)
Who was the 25,000,000th?

Written at 12:24 on Sunday, 14 December 2008 by Carla Francisco (carla_francisco)
Congratulations! Hooray for The Sims Zone! :)
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