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EA Land (TSO) Shutting Down
After a couple of years, struggling to become popular, the end of The Sims Online is coming near. It was recently relaunched as EA Land, with a new economy and custom content. Driving force behind this was Luc Barthelet, once General Manager of Maxis. At the EA Land Blog Luc has now announced that as of 1 August the game will be taken offline. Subscription billing ends today, meaning 60 days of free gameplay for everybody. Paying members can also get a $15 off for any EA Store game, or three months of free Club POGO subscription time. About 30,000 pieces of custom content were uploaded by players of the game. Besides that the game got new features weekly, including web services resulting in integration with Facebook and more. After almost 6 years, that's all there will be. More information is in the team's special message and the official announcement.

Written at 00:28 on Wednesday, 30 April 2008 by ChEeTaH.

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