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New Submissions

As the next step in the renaissance here at "the Zone", we are proud to present two submissions from our viewers.

Josh Adams, who has been a fan of Sim Brother here from the beginning when it was done with "The Sims", has faithfully rendered the original series house into one for "The Sims 2". As I am the person who originally designed the house, I must say how impressed I am with Josh's work and how faithful it was to my design.

Melina has recently begun playing "The Sims 2" and after falling in love with a house in London that she saw on the British TV show "Grand Designs", she has created her own version of it right here. With a generally modern design, it has numerous features and has a lot of potential.

Thankyou to both of you for your creations. Clicking on the appropriate picture will direct you to its download page.

Written at 01:07 on Monday, 28 April 2008 by Andy.

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