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Rod Humble Interviewed
Back in December Rod Humble, head of the Sims Division at EA, was interviewed by CNet. He talks about how the division came to be, around the time of Nightlife, and what Humble does in his daily work. He says there's quite a lot of pressure on him, as every new design leap that the studio takes can be a success or a flop, though it will be looked at by a lot of people because of the famous brand that The Sims is. He also says how the fans is important to the studio, and their involvement in the development of expansion packs. The culture of the Sims studio versus the EA Sports teams is also discussed, and the Sims Division is also known as the "hippies on the second floor. As you may expect, Humble confirms a Sims 3 will be coming, though he doesn't say when it will be out. Read the complete interview for more details.

Written at 19:36 on Friday, 25 January 2008 by ChEeTaH.

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