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FreeTime Producer Tour
It's been some time since there have been producer tours for Sims 2 expansion packs. EA has reintroduced these tours though, and lead producer Bim Majekodunmi will be taking a trip through Europe showing FreeTime. Next Monday, the 14th, she will be at the UK EA office, holding her presentation at around 10:00-10:30am, after which follows a day of playing the upcoming expansion. Anyone who can make it to Chertsey (South west of London) in time can join, though places are limited (and possibly already full). See the UK site's forum thread for more details.

Those who can't attend may still post questions before Monday in another thread. EA will then try to make sure Bim answers the questions.

Although it is highly unlikely that anybody our team will attend (mostly due to the distance), we will attend an event on the 22nd of January in Amsterdam. We will then get the chance to meet Bim and check out the game for some time. Of course, if you do have any questions about FreeTime, let us know by e-mailing me. We will then try to get your question answered in a preview that will be published after the event.

Written at 03:56 on Friday, 11 January 2008 by ChEeTaH.

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