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BV Patch Delayed
The Bon Voyage patch was first expected earlier this week, but the patch will need more work as some more latency issues will now also be included in the patch. Instead it will be released later this month, according to the new community manager MaxoidVanquish in a BBS post. A preliminary list of issues that have been solved has been published, and includes the widespread NPC Spawning bug, which creates a new Unsavory Charlatan every time you enter a community, business or vacation lot that has NPCs. Instead of using an existing NPC it will create a new one, cluttering your neighborhoods, potentially to an unplayable state because too many characters are created. Other fixes include crashes, latency and annoying snowball or waterballoon fights. The list of fixes is as follows:
  • Sims will no longer have the option to call vacation service NPCs after acquiring the business perk “Head for Numbers” which was causing a crash.
  • Sims will no longer have the option to "Call Taxi" using their cell phones if they have driven to the community lot with an ownable vehicle which was causing a crash.
  • Vacation shuttles will no longer return to a vacation lot without the Sim at the end of the vacation if the Sim misses the shuttle (was causing the game to hang).
  • Game will no longer create new vacation NPCs each time a lot is visited which was causing many issues due to character file overload.
  • Periodic Events Controller will no longer loop twice per hour through each neighbor which was causing extreme lag on certain machines.
  • Autonomous water-balloon and snowball fights have been tuned so the interaction will occur less frequently.
Naturally we'll let you know when the patch arrives.

Written at 02:23 on Saturday, 6 October 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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