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TSO and Sims 2 canceled
Even though many people are waiting for The Sims Online and The Sims 2, Maxis has decided to cancel it today, 1 April. The reasons are huge financial problems, because The Sims and its expansion packs didn't sell as well as they expected. There will be staff-cuts meaning half of the people who work at Maxis now will be sacked, especially in the design section. Only SimsVille will be continued as their one and only project, and Maxis' future will depend on how that game sells. Also, Maxis has decided to shut down its official Sims site because it costs too much money. The BBS will be the only part of the site that will remain. No more copies of the game will be pressed any more, so once the shops run out of it, you can definately not buy it any more. Today, 1 April 2002, will be remembered as a sad day for The Sims' community.

Written at 11:45 on Monday, 1 April 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 01:31 on Tuesday, 2 April 2002 by T.J. Markowicz (thesimslinks)
I thought Simsville was already canceled? : ) Hmmm...
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Written at 01:47 on Tuesday, 2 April 2002 by Andy (TSZ) (Andy)
Why does the term "April Fool" come to mind here? :)
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