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Oscar Showcase - Closing Today!
Saw the Oscars yesterday? For creators there's a new unique chance to get their outfits showcased: Maxis is organizing a special Oscars showcase next week, in which fan-made replications of celebrities at the oscars will be shown. Last year a similar showcase was picked up by USA Today. This year all Sims with "Oscar 2007" in the description may be highlighted next week. The Maxis web team will pick the most amazing submissions. The creations have to resemble the outfits worn during the oscars as good as possible, and the contest closes today (!) at 5:00pm PST (1:00am Tuesday GMT, 2:00am Tuesday in most of Europe). Read below for the personal message everybody received on the official site, and check the BBS thread for more information too.

"Hi Sims Fans!
"It's that time of year again to celebrate Oscar night!

"Last year our community worked into the wee hours to make virtual copies of the red carpet fashions worn by Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, contender Keira Knightley and presenter and trend setter Jennifer Lopez - it was so cool the story was picked up by USA Today!

"This year, we hope to see even more celebrity styles in the Sims Exchange. Are you up for the challenge?

"Make sure to put "Oscar 2007" in your description when uploading the Sim to our Exchange so we can highlight the most amazing submissions next week!

"We also have a Forum thread going in case you'd like to highlight your Oscar re-make for everyone to see:

"Happy submitting!"
- The Sims 2 Team
Written at 18:39 on Monday, 26 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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