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Seasons Chat Transcript
Last week EA's Sims Division organized a chat with some developers of the Sims 2 Seasons. During the 45-minute chat a few new details were revealed, like that Sims can be struck by lightning anywhere outside. The length of seasons has also been set to 5 days per seasons, and the sub-neighborhoods will have the same seasons as the main neighborhood. Any transitions between seasons will be gradual, so a summer to winter change will have a short period in which it gets colder, but where it doesn't snow yet. Each house will experience its very own cycle, so when leaving a lot in Winter and playing anohter through to Summer, it will still be Winter in the first lot. If you don't like the seasons, just set the neighborhood setting to all Summer, or all Spring if you like a little bit of rain. Kids will have to go to school all year no matter what, though a Snow day may give them a day off.

For Vampire-Plant-Sims there will be a sun-lamp that won't burn them up but will keep them awake inside too. Other new creatures include fish from ponds, which will automatically appear in large enough ponds. They can be fed to pets if you like. Talking about pets, they will not experience the temperature differences like Sims do. New are also the fireflies, which you can use as lights inside your home. A cheat will allow you to keep them alive forever. Another creature is the Pengiun, which will be attracted to fish which he'll eat from the ground. Snowmen are also an attraction for the penguin, and if you can catch him you can pet the penguin on the head.

Older expansions will also support Seasons. You can sell vegetables and other food with Open for Business, and the University majors will support the new careers as well. The TV will have a new weather station, and the radio will play Jam Band and New Age tunes now as well. Existing Sims will get some default outer wear clothing, but additional sets can be purchased on the community lots.

For more details check out the full chat transcript

Written at 00:59 on Wednesday, 21 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 17:56 on Thursday, 22 February 2007 by georgia (georgia101)
klkl i am well looking forward to it :]

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