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MySims Information
Besides the few little rumours regarding MySims for the Nintendo Wii and DS, not much actual information has been published yet. The first magazine to mention any details of the new game is the Official Nintendo Magazine (UK). Website ComputerAndVideoGames reports about the revelations. For the characters, although it looks simple, you can tweak individual facial features and add tattoos as you wish. The focus has shifted from running a house to running a little town though, as you'll need to run around the little town, meeting people, and increase the amount of residents that way. A relationships menu will help you figure out who likes you and who doesn't. The catalogue has also been replaced: you can now build chairs and tables from scratch, and houses can be build in an equally flexible way. "Essence" is a new feature with which you can decorate your furniture or plant seeds for flowers. Apparantly Sims you who hate your town will be sent off to a Volcano area not shown in any previous screenshots so far. On the Wii there will be 80 characters in MySims, the DS version will have 30. The game is expected to be released this autumn. For more details see CVG's article. Thanks to SimsZone for the link.

Written at 00:59 on Wednesday, 21 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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