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Seasons Guide info
Prima Games has recently published some information about the upcoming strategy guide for the Sims 2 Seasons on their website. As usual Prima publishes the official strategy guide (written by Greg Kramer, like previous Sims 2 guides), and this one will count 240 pages. Some of the topics covered are the new objects and social activities of the pcak, as well as all the possible potions that you can make using the new gardening system. The gardening and fishing talents are also discussed, and the guide will help you master both. The expansion also comes with six new careers, and the guide will explain which they are and how to make sure your Sims will get that promotion. Last but not least the book will tell you all about the different aspects of all seasons. You can pre-order the guide from our shop now, so you'll get it delivered to your doormat as soon as it ships the 27th of this month. For more details check out the information page.

Written at 00:46 on Wednesday, 14 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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