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Sims Shorts Winner Announced
Last year EA UK held a Sims Shorts competition in which you could win your Sims movie being shown throughout Vue cinemas in the UK for a month, as well as a cash prize of £1,000. EA has announced the competition's winner to be "Wild Christmas" by David Cresswell. The 2:30 minute movie is a romantic comedy with a festive twist: a "cheating man talks his way out of a sticky Christmas Eve situation involving a naked woman in a hot tub by using the family dog as an alibi." It won because, as comedian Ben Willbond, one of the judges, said it managed to tell a whole story in a very short time frame. He wanted to see more after it was over, which is the key for him. If you don't plan on going to see a film within the next few weeks - the winner is being shown until (around) 2 March - you can still grab it as download from SimsShorts.com. The movie which kicked off the competition, "When Romantic Things Happen for No Apparent Reason and Everyone is Happy at the End" by Mathew Horne and Ben Willbrond, can be downloaded from the same website.

Written at 02:02 on Sunday, 11 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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