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Stories Website Relaunched
The official website of The Sims Stories has been relaunched, reflecting the release of Life Stories. The full website has gone live with the welcome kit, Riley's diary, a support page, a newsletter to sign up to and of course basic game information combined with tips for the stories. Upcoming features for the website include message boards (a BBS), photobooks and blogs. Remarkable is that the official website is not hosted by EA, but by Yahoo!. The Sims portal is one of the first entertainment portals that Yahoo! is launching; Yahoo announced they are making small branded sites for video games and TV shows, piloted by the Wii portal since October.

The welcome kit you can download consists of three (separate) downloads to put in your game: a Drum Kit (from The Sims 2 University), a VocoPhonic Karaoke Machine (from The Sims 2 Nightlife) and a Club Cube (also from Nightlife). The links at the frontpage are not completely correct at the moment, though proceeding to the Downloads page will set things right. You need to register your game before you're able to actually get the files. The wallpapers from the same page can be downloaded by everybody. Check out the website at Sims.yahoo.com or www.thesimsstories.com for all the details. If you prefer a lighter website, with Riley's diary not in flash, you can also check out the renewed TheSimsStories.co.uk which has much of the same content, and no game registration is needed for the welcome kit downloads. Due to typos you may have a little more trouble downloading the largest wallpapers from that website though. Some other international websites have also already launched, others are bound to follow soon.

Written at 05:19 on Thursday, 8 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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