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Pets Patch Released - Misc Patch News
Last week EA finished and released the full patch for the Sims 2 Pets. Following the Body Shop patch in December last year (which has now been retracted) this game solves gameplay issues as well as the Body Shop compatibility problems from the previous patch. There are two versions of the patch, one for the CD/DVD edition and another for the digital download (EA Link) version of the game. Make sure you get the right patch, as well as any previous patches for Expansion and Stuff packs you own to ensure proper functioning of your game. The patch fixes 39 issues, including the following. Go to the update page for the full list.
  • Fixed an issue where pointed-ear dogs would become corrupt when moved into a lot.
  • Custom college lots will no longer be deleted if no Sims are living on it.
  • Influencing Sims to fight another Sim will no longer cause non-werewolf Sims to turn into a werewolf.
  • "Barstool by Simulated Comfort" can now be used when 3 barstools are placed side-by-side.
  • Selling pets to other playable Sims now cause an exchange of Simoleans.
  • Sims can now return home after visiting the Secret Society lot.
  • Pet houses no longer move off tile after a Pet Woohoo.
  • Infants and Toddlers no longer appear in the "Invite Household" dialogue.
  • Sims can now correctly try for baby under the maximum Sim limit.
  • Cats no longer can become stuck in the litter box.
  • Turned on "HydroBot" and "SentryBot" are no longer deleted after installing The Sims 2 Pets.
  • Two or more teens will no longer refuse to go to school if there is no nanny or adult on the lot.
  • "Tropico Avian Sanctuary" and "FMCU 3000" objects can now be deleted if the last Sim dies on the lot.
  • Sims are now able to call the fire department on an owned community lot.
  • Awning can now be deleted from a saved lot.
  • Teens and Elders will no longer be promoted without meeting necessary requirements.
  • Customer NPCs now change into new outfits that they have purchased.
  • Pets Bodyshop is now compatible with older expansion packs.
When installing this patch the CD or DVD of Pets is required. Get the CD/DVD patch or the digital download patch to update your game. For more news about Sims 2 patches, read on.

In a BBS thread senior producer Sam Player announced that there will be no patch for Glamour Life Stuff, as no serious enough issues were reported. Each of the issues that was reported could be resolved by updating the graphics display drivers or other drivers. He also gives an example of what a problem report should look like to be very useful to the developers. In another post later in the same thread he tells about an issue with nVidia cards and Blue Screens (or reboot) after 15 to 60 minutes of gameplay. This problem is supposedly caused by a conflict between Pets and certain nVidia card and driver combinations. If you experience the same problem, sign Sam's Guestbook so he can get in touch with you. Until then a work-around is available: in the game, press Control+Shift+C to open up the cheat console. Enter boolprop useShaders false to turn off the shaders, which mean the graphics will look a little less nice. Nevertheless the game keeps running that way. EA is working with nVidia to solve the problem. To update your drivers, which may solve many other problems people are having, check out our updating guide in the knowledge base. The first answer to the linked question will tell you all you need to know. If you have other gameplay problems concerning incorrect behaviour of the game, fill out the Feedback Form to tell the developers about it.
Written at 02:12 on Thursday, 8 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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