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Seasons Pre-order Gifts
As usual with most expansion and stuff packs released for the Sim 2 on PC so far, there are some special pre-order gifts at selected shops. Pre-order the pack from there and you receive an exclusive download to plug into your game. For Seasons, which is being released later this month, you can receive a bathing suit or a raincoat to download. The EA Store and Amazon (including our shop) will give away the bathing suit, whereas you should go to EBGames or GameStop to receive the raincoat download. The EA Store also has a free shipping promotion to save shipping costs in the US. Once the game is out there will be two more downloads: a swingset and a garden trellis at Best Buy and Target respectively. For more information head on over to the pre-order page on the official site. In the UK only the Swing set is available as far as known now, through Game. If the other downloads will be available in the UK as well is not yet announced. Note that in other countries the downloads may not be available at all, or only at other (local) shops.

Written at 01:13 on Thursday, 8 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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