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Riley's Diary Online
On the official Stories website a few things have changed to reflect the launch of the Sims Life Stories. When going to the website you'll be directed to a flash-heavy frontpage first, showing Riley's diary. The page introduces some of the characters in Life Stories, and also gives some insight in Riley's story. Vince is also introduced on one page. Besides that there are some hidden elements in the background which can be clicked to listen to Riley's voicemail, read her messages, check out her horoscope, and more. You can click through to the official site, which will open in a pop-up, so for that to work make sure you turn off any popup blockers. Check out the diary page for all the new stuff, or go directly to the basic site which contains information of the three upcoming Stories products.

Written at 02:01 on Monday, 5 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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