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COSMOgirl Pets Contest
In collaboration with Electronic Arts girl's magazine COSMOgirl has organized a competition where you can win the Sims 2 Pets Mobile, a pink Nintendo DS and the Sims 2 Pets for that DS or the PC. All you have to do to win is submit a picture of your pet through an online form. Any girl in the US or Canada (except Quebec) aged 13 to 25 is allowed to enter the sweepstakes contest. There are three categories to participate in: dogs, cats and other animals. Editors of the magazine will pick the 10 cutest entries in each category, which will be placed on the website. Visitors of the website can then vote which three pets in each category should make it to the third and final round. The editors will then again pick the three winners (one in each category) based on cuteness. If you win you'll get a pink RAZR phone with the Sims 2 Pets preloaded on it, as well as some prepaid minutes. You'll also get a pink Nintendo DS, and a Sims 2 Pets game for either the DS or the PC. If you still want to enter, you must hurry: the contest closes 5 February. See the contest page and the full rules for more details.

Written at 18:56 on Sunday, 4 February 2007 by ChEeTaH.

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