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SimsShorts UK Movie Competition
EA UK has recently launched a film competition, in which anybody can enter with their favourite short Sims clip. Make a story with the game and film it using the in-game cameras, then you can use an online Sims movie maker to mix some clips and create a film. Experts can use their own software and mail their movie to EA. The main prize is having the clip shown in 58 Vue cinemas in the UK throughout December, as well as £1,000 cash. Perrier award winning comedian Ben Willbond is one of the judges who will rate the videos and pick the best. On the website SimsShorts you can view details, terms and conditions of the competition. It runs until 10 December, so you have to hurry to get your film submitted in time. Only mailed entries in certain formats (see the terms) are eligible for entry for the main prize. Go to SimsShorts for more details.

Written at 17:13 on Friday, 8 December 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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