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New Extra: Sims 2 CDs to DVDs
I haven't written anything here for a while (a thing called "real life" and another thing called "work" both conspire to get in the way), but there is a new Extra written by none other than myself.

It turns out its possible to install Sims 2 from one DVD as opposed to twelve CDs. My guide shows you how, it doesn't involve any cracked files, but it still asks for the original CDs when you fire the game up, which is how it should be. My installation of Sims 2 runs perfectly and it was set up using all the files, alterations and extractions posted in the guide. As a bonus, my CD tray isn't tired any more of coming in and out :)

Click --> to read the Extra!

Written at 01:07 on Monday, 20 November 2006 by Neil.

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Written at 05:19 on Thursday, 7 December 2006 by Ali (Kuwait)
Thanks alot but i was wondering about if it is possiple to get an extras for the game like clothing and objects....... on DVDs and how to use them ?

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