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The Sims Zone turns 5!
Bring out the birthday cake with 5 candles! Today it's exactly five years ago that The Sims Zone was officially launched. Five years on we've been bringing you the latest Sims news, exclusive articles and of course many downloads to the community. After five years we've had almost 14 million visitors already, and the number only keeps on growing. Thanks to everybody who has helped The Sims Zone in the present and past to bring the site where it is now. That includes you, as visitor of the Sims Zone, showing us that you like what we do and find our content useful. Of course a special thank you also goes out to all past and current team members, Maxis and specifically Will Wright, as well as all our affiliate websites. Expect a few special treats for you today, and make sure you too make today a little bit a special day!

Thank You from The Sims Zone team: ChEeTaH, Andy, Jendea, Matt, MissWendy, Neil, Nicx, Starrats, Steve and Sumit.

Written at 14:59 on Friday, 17 November 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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