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Sims 2 Get A Life for PC?
The Australian shop GameHead is cause of a new rumour, namely "The Sims 2 Get A Life". The product is said to be released 28 September, roughly three weeks before Pets is released on PC and other platforms. The title "Get A Life" was used earlier in the first Console version of the Sims, but this listing is for PC and is called the Sims 2. The price of $67.40 Australian comes down to roughly £30 or $50 US, which is for a full priced game. That means it's not likely this is another expansion or stuff pack for the Sims 2, but it might be a bundle of the base game with an expansion or stuff pack. What exactly it will be - if anything at all - is still uncertain, but if there's any news we'll let you know here. Thanks to SimsZone for the link.

Written at 03:53 on Thursday, 24 August 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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