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Festive Holiday Stuff Update
Over a month ago we reported about the third stuff pack possibly being Festive Holiday Stuff. This has now more or less been confirmed by EA Germany, which gave a release list to GameStar, a German magazine. With an expected release in Germany of 9 November, the pack can be expected in the US around 7 November and the UK at the 10th. The date may vary a little for other countries. The exact contents or price of the pack is unknown, although EBGames has had a listing of it according to SnootySims. Under the title "Happy Holiday Stuff" a release date of 7 November was put, and a Holiday Edition 2006 of the game, most likely a bundle of the Sims 2 and the Stuff pack, was also listed. Both listings have now disappeared from the website though, and the pack can no longer be pre-ordered from EBGames. Naturally we'll keep you up-to-date with any news about this (still rumoured) stuff pack.

Written at 03:48 on Wednesday, 23 August 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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