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SIMVeillance Art Project
Occasionally an artist uses the Sims to create something for an art exhibition. Katherine Isbister and Rainey Straus created a project in San Jose, by installing a surveillance camera in the Fairmont Hotel near the Fairmont Plaza in downtown San Jose, California. The people filmed with that camera have been turned into Sims using the Sims 2, and the source video has been recreated using the Sims avatars of the passersby. The SIMVeillance project was first shown at the ZeroOne Festival in San Jose, two weeks ago. The two screens showing the original and animated videos can be watched until 26 November in the San Jose Museum of Art. More details are at the SIMWorks website, which also has a preview video of the project. Rensselaer Campus News also has a story about the art, and even more can be found in a Mercury News article.

Written at 03:28 on Wednesday, 23 August 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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