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Fansite Pets Previews
We're continuing our own Pets coverage with a preview for the consoles version very soon, but meanwhile some other fansites have also started writing about The Sims 2 Pets. All of these come with inside information, exclusive pictures, and more. The focus is, as you might expect, largely on the PC expansion pack, although all sites do at least cover all other platforms to some extent as well. So check out the following links for more details about the upcoming game.

Written at 06:45 on Tuesday, 1 August 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 15:17 on Tuesday, 1 August 2006 by GTNS (Gugas)
Edited at 15:19 on Tuesday, 1 August 2006 by GTNS (Gugas)
Thanks, "ChEeTaH"! ;) Your preview is great! The best! :D

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