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Open for Business Guide Details [Update]
Publisher Prima Games is, as usual with Sims games, publishing a strategy guide for Open for Business. Details of the book have now been put online, and as with the other guides the details of the game are covered in-depth over 208 pages. Although not mentioned, it can be assumed that the book will be in full color, and will also include some essentials for the Sims 2, similar to the Nightlife guide. Some of the topics that will be covered in the book are:
  • The secrets of Talent Badges
  • What makes customers tick and how to use it against them!
  • New objects and socials cataloged for easy reference
  • How to get the most from employees to make your business pay!
  • Elevators and other build mode tools covered so you can make your showrooms sparkle
A cover image of the guide has not been made available yet. A few sample pages might also be given away at a later date, although there's no confirmation about that. You can find above details on Prima's product page, and you can pre-order it from our shop.

[Update 25 February, 14:30] The front cover of the book is now available, and as you can see the guide contains tables for The Sims 2, University and Nightlife. These are probably the essential tables listing objects and such, similar to those included in the Nightlife guide.

Written at 00:46 on Thursday, 23 February 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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