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First Band Podcast: Kajagoogoo
As revealed in the previous podcast about the new PC expansion pack Open for Business, there will be a new "New Wave" music style which features famous bands from the 80s, like Kajagoogoo, Howard Jones and Depeche Mode. Each of them will be featured in their own podcast, with Kajagoogoo being the first one. In the same podcast there's an introduction with Maxis Sound Director Robi Kauker first though. He tells that besides the three mentioned bands, some music of The Epoxies will also make an appearance in the game. There will also be a New Wave edition of the Sims 2 theme song, as well as more tunes in build and buy mode by Mark Mothersbaugh, the composer of the original tune of the game. He also says which tunes have been re-recorded in Simlish: Kajagoogoo has done "Too Shy," Howard Jones went back to record "Things only get Better," and Depeche Mode recorded a new song called "Suffer Well."

Nick Beggs (Lead Vocalist) and Steve Askew (Guitarist) are the two band members representing Kajagoogoo this podcast. They were honoured to perform for the game, and remaking Too Shy did take them back to that moment in the 80s, with the technology they used to use then. Nick also enjoyed learning the Simlish. They also tell how they played early versions of SimCity on their Atari. The Sims got attention from the singer through his daughter who plays the game. It's the first time Kajagoogoo recorded anything for games. On a slightly different note, they tell about their influence from bands like Yes, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. For more information about the band, visit Kajagoogoo.com. To listen to the podcast, check out its corresponding news post at the official site.

Written at 02:27 on Sunday, 12 February 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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