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Valentine Downloads Available
Maxis celebrates a lot of holidays and festivities with downloads they make available for the Sims 2. This is no different with Valentine's day next week. Five new downloads should help your Sims have a lovely day. First of all there's Sergeant Cuddlewumps, a pink teddybear dressed in a shirt with a heart. The Wigglers of Love, complete with Sim, gives your Sim the opportunity to look cute with a special hat. The third download is a new painting,a pink I Heart Art painting. Another new Sim is brought in the shape and clothes of Fiona, a set of undies produced after years of scientific research. Finally there's one more thing for your Sims to wear, namely some Heartwarming shades, demonstrated by Carrie. A special Valentine's page gives another overview of all the downloads that are available for this year's day of love.

Written at 21:25 on Wednesday, 8 February 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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