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New OfB Podcast
After a bit of silence when it comes to podcasts, Maxoid Dano has created a new one, which can now be found on the official site. This time senior producers Tim LeTourneau and Don Laabs tell about the game. Tim reveals that he's passing on his job as senior producer to Don. Tim will still be active in the Sims community, though he doesn't say what it'll be. Now when it comes to Open for Business, they answer a few of almost 1,000 questions that Maxis received. The first one is about robots, and Tim and Don give away five of them, supposedly the full list: Munchie bot (which probably serves food), Hydro bot (which waters plants), Sentry bot (which protects homes and businesses), a toy robot and Servo, the alternative life form for this expansion pack. Servo become controllable as soon as you activate it, like any other Sim in the family.

Next they tell that the existing skills help getting the talent badges a bit faster. At University you are able to build up a few skills and build up a network, but otherwise going to college has no advantage for starting a business. There are 7 talents in total, each with three badges (Bronze, Silver and Gold). You start off with no badge at all. The seven talents are for flower arranging, robot making, toy making, sales, restocking, the register and cosmetology.

To download and listen to the podcast, check out the news page for links. You can also listen to previous podcasts.

Written at 14:58 on Saturday, 4 February 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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