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Mascot with Open for Business Pre-order
Open for Business is arriving in the first quarter of next year, and shops have already started taking pre-orders. Our shop is one of them, but EBGames is doing the same. As a gift, they now have a promotion up that if you pre-order the game there, you can get an exclusive Sims mascot and a life-size sculpture to promote that your shop is the best in the hood. It seems the offer is only available in the US. It's not sure whether Amazon or other online shops will have the same offer.

Written at 01:46 on Monday, 19 December 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 21:17 on Monday, 19 December 2005 by Brandon (girzim)
Great! I think I'll pre-order it now! LOL
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Written at 11:53 on Monday, 2 January 2006 by Jennifer (jenniferram1992)
same here. i bet its already done but the people wanna make us suffer.lol

Written at 12:27 on Wednesday, 4 January 2006 by Dulc (1simsaddict1)
Do you know what the new sims 2 game is called? (expansion)

Also do you know exactly when it will come out?
Please reply ASAP! Thankz :P
Do you know what the new sims 2 is called (expansion) and when exactly it will be out?

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