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E-mail/Virus Problems
If you've been trying to e-mail us the past few days, especially to the support, submission, and other generic addresses, it may have been that your e-mail has bounced. This is due to our mailbox quickly filling up with the Sober.X (Sober.gen - McAfee, Sober.X - Symantec) worm, that we receive several hundreds of times every day. Although the virus doesn't do much damage to your computer, it does send out a lot of e-mails (without you noticing it), if your computer is infected. The worm can only work in Windows systems.

Please bare with us until the outbreak has died down. If you have sent us an e-mail and got it back with an error, please resend it in a few days. We also recommend everybody to get a virusscanner (if not already installed), and to make sure it's up-to-date with the latest virus definition files. Do a full scan to make sure you're not infected. You can find links to several virus-scanners on Download.com. McAfee also has a free Stinger tool which helps you get rid of the virus. Note that the virus may also disable your virusscanner. Please check that your computer is not infected, or if it is take the necessary precautions to disable the virus. Thank you.

Written at 15:08 on Sunday, 27 November 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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