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"Played By" Campaign Update
The "Sims Played By" advertising campaign, the first Sims campaign by W+K (see earlier news), has been running for several weeks now, and new items keep appearing. Maxis has again released a few new campaign videos on the official site. Five videos (of which three are brand new) have been posted on the videos page, bringing the grand total of videos so far to 13. We've also received information that there are 20 videos in total (10 for the US and 10 for Europe). The videos are also projected on buildings in various American cities, multiple TV channels, and stories can also be found in magazines worldwide. Besides all that, a video in which players explain the basics of the game has been published. You can see the About The Sims 2 video as well. More stories can be found on the Sims Played By website.

Written at 15:16 on Sunday, 13 November 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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